Visage by Marie-Claire | Before-and-After XVII (gallery)
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Before-and-After XVII (gallery)

Hi Marie, I’m grateful that I found you. I have used several products throughout the years from the famous brands to prescriptions. Every time I used each product I was hoping each would be the one, the brand names claimed to do everything you wished only to fail. That is when I decided to go to a dermatologist; they prescribed some things that showed a little improvement but nothing major. The dermatologist was pushy with prescriptions and was adamant that that was the only way to clear my skin. Then I tried Retin-A which didn’t do much either, in fact I think it made my face worse. At this point they were pushing for more prescriptions which I read had dangerous side effects, that is when I had enough. I decided to go online and found Marie Claire, again I was skeptical because of my previous results. After reading all her reviews I decided to try her even though she was all the way across the country. I figured what else do I have to lose? I talked to her on the phone and gave her my diet and product regime, which my doctor didn’t even care to see. After sending her that info she came up with a plan for me. My diet had to change; I love cheese but had to cut it out of my diet. Also, some of my favorite makeup products had to be eliminated. After using Marie’s products for just a few weeks I have noticed a drastic change. My husband is happy he doesn’t have to hear me asking him if my products are working because my face is clear. Marie takes the time to check up on me and really stands behind her products. I wouldn’t be surprised if you see Marie on TV soon. I now wear less make up and am not self-conscious about my face.


September 6, 2016


Acne Treatment, Long Distance