Visage by Marie-Claire | Before-and-After VIII (gallery)
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Before-and-After VIII (gallery)

Felicia found me online. She came to me with grade 3 acne. I was able to clear her in 4 months. She did her part by coming in every two weeks for her in-office treatments and followed my protocol to the letter. Read her testimonial below.

“I have suffered from acne since I was a teenager. Recently in Dec 2012 my face took a turn for the worst. My face was breaking out everyday and in places that I usually dont break out. My forehead, cheeks and chin were covered with acne by Jan 2013. I tried every acne medication that was over the counter and Ive seen different estechians but my acne was getting worst. Every sales person in every department store tried to sell me the clarisonic and I finally bought one. As I was using the clarisonic the estechian that I was seeing was giving me microdermabrasion which was not helping either. At this point I was so over my face being covered in acne and I was tired of my face feeling sore everyday. My life changed when I saw Visage by Marie Claire on instagram. The before and after pictures of her clients caught my attention. I didnt care how much the cost was, I knew I needed to reach out to her. I went to her website and sent her an email at midnight. To my surprise, she responded within 10 mins. After about 20 mins of going back in forth with emails, I made my first appointment with her in April 2013. She talked to me about all the food I was eating, products for my hair, vitamins and so much more. She also explained that the clairsonic and microdermabrasion was not good for my acne. All it did was spread the acne all over my face. I knew right away that she cared and she trully wanted to help me. I changed my products and I only use Visage by Marie Claire. I see her every two weeks and after 4 months she has cleared my skin and I havent had any breakouts (knock on wood). My skin has NEVER felt so smooth and soft. Although my face is cleared, I have commited myself to continue to go to her for my treatments. If you or anyone you know suffers from acne, you have to contact her. The pictures on her website and instagram speak for themselves. I trusted her and my results ended up being better then I expected. I am so grateful that I found her. She is a beautiful person inside and out and she will make you feel and look beautiful too.”

P.S. Ask her about her acne bible.

-Felicia H | Los Angeles, Ca


September 7, 2016


Acne Treatment