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Clinical Acne Treatment

This acne system will have your acne under control if you commit, comply, follow my guidelines, and are diligent with you home care regimen. I combine the power of pharmaceutical grade home care products that are customized for your type of acne, along with an acne therapy series scheduled every three weeks that facilitate clear skin and get rid of blemishes. You will come in every four weeks for treatments the first 16 weeks.  As you progress treatments will be spaced farther.

Initial Treatment

In your initial skin analysis and treatment, we will discuss your acne history and your skin will be assessed in order to determine which specific type of acne you have. You will receive your first acne treatment. The products recommended will be determined by your type of acne and skin sensitivity. We will also discuss aggravating factors that may be worsening your acne, such as certain foods, products, ingredients, lifestyle, and medications. Afterwards we will schedule your follow up treatments to get you on the road to clear skin.

Initial Treatment


Initial Analysis & Treatment

The VMC Acne Bible

Home Care Instruction

90 minutes

Follow Up Treatments

Follow up treatments acne treatments focus on deep exfoliation (or hydration) and extraction of current acne lesions. Treatments include appropriate enzymes to help loosen dead skin cells, high frequency to stabilize skin, Infrared/LED therapy to heal skin, and the appropriate peel to address acne scars ONCE your breakouts are under control. With each treatment your progress will be noted and home care products regimen reviewed.

Follow Up Treatments (each session)
Follow Up Treatments (package of 10)

We also offer in-office consultation. $50 (30 minutes)


Targeted Treatment

Product Renewals

50 minutes

Top 10 Tips To Reduce Breakouts

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