Visage by Marie-Claire | Product Consultation
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SO MANY OPTIONS…Don’t know where to start or what products are best for you?

Are you looking to manage your acne? Fade your dark? Or start an anti-aging regimen?  Please fill out the questionnaire below, don’t forget to include pictures (for our eyes only), this allows me to get a better understanding of your skin condition and give you my best recommendations. Let’s get GLOWING!

If your acne is mild to moderate, we encourage you to start with “The Basic” acne kit.

-COPY AND PASTE the questionnaire below with your answer, and email to

  • Name, age and profession
  • State or country you live in
  • What skin condition(s) are you trying to improve? (dark spots, acne) Or do you need help picking out some anti aging products?
  • Three (3) pictures of your face (left and right sides, and a front). Make sure quality is great. Required only for those with dark spots and acne.
  • Do you have any allergies?
  • What’s your skin type (oily, dry, dehydrated, sensitive?)
  • Names and brands of the skin care products you are CURRENTLY using
  • List of foods you eat OFTEN
  • List of hair products IF you breakout around your hairline, back, shoulders and neck
  • List of supplements/vitamins/prescription drugs/ birth control pills you are CURRENTLY taking

Once your questionnaire is received, we will send you list of products we recommend for your skin condition within 24 to 72 hours.


Send great pictures

Complete the online questionnaire

Allow 48-72 hours to receive a reply