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I am so thankful to have found you. I love looking in the mirror everyday and seeing my clear skin. You are wonderful, keep doing what you are doing and never stop.

– A.Z.

I wish I had met Marie-Claire many years ago because she’s like the skin fairy godmother, although she’s known as the “Glow Queen”! My skin is really a challenge – it suffers from acne, large pores, blemishes, dry spots, eczema and to top it all, its aging because I’m close to my 40’s! For many years, I had spent so much money on various spas and dermatologists with no favorable results or made my skin condition even worse! I had given up hope in finding the person or place to give my skin the right treatment until I was finally blessed to meet Marie! Since I put my skin in her hands, for the first time my skin has a nice glow, my blemishes and dark spots are disappearing and overall skin texture is so much smoother-all this in a matter of less than a month! She is truly amazing! I firmly believe she is gifted in this field!

– Yomira

I have suffered from acne since I was a teenager. Recently in Dec 2012 my face took a turn for the worst. My face was breaking out everyday and in places that I usually dont break out. My forehead, cheeks and chin were covered with acne by Jan 2013. I tried every acne medication that was over the counter and Ive seen different estechians but my acne was getting worst. Every sales person in every department store tried to sell me the clarisonic and I finally bought one. As I was using the clarisonic the estechian that I was seeing was giving me microdermabrasion which was not helping either. At this point I was so over my face being covered in acne and I was tired of my face feeling sore everyday. My life changed when I saw Visage by Marie Claire on instagram. The before and after pictures of her clients caught my attention. I didnt care how much the cost was, I knew I needed to reach out to her. I went to her website and sent her an email at midnight. To my surprise, she responded within 10 mins. After about 20 mins of going back in forth with emails, I made my first appointment with her in April 2013. She talked to me about all the food I was eating, products for my hair, vitamins and so much more. She also explained that the clairsonic and microdermabrasion was not good for my acne. All it did was spread the acne all over my face. I knew right away that she cared and she trully wanted to help me. I changed my products and I only use Visage by Marie Claire. I see her every two weeks and after 4 months she has cleared my skin and I havent had any breakouts (knock on wood). My skin has NEVER felt so smooth and soft. Although my face is cleared, I have commited myself to continue to go to her for my treatments. If you or anyone you know suffers from acne, you have to contact her. The pictures on her website and instagram speak for themselves. I trusted her and my results ended up being better then I expected. I am so grateful that I found her. She is a beautiful person inside and out and she will make you feel and look beautiful too.” P.S. Ask her about her acne bible.


– Felicia H.

I am excited to be able to write this review. I highly recommend Visage by Marie Claire for anybody that is struggling with acne. Stop wasting money on other products that will probably not work. I wasted so much money trying to find a cure to my acne; trying everything from: Neutrogena, Clean n Clear, Proactive, Clinique acne system, etc. Some made my skin worse and others helped but only for a few weeks. I was devastated! And my skin was only getting worse. I finally came across Marie-Claire, and to be honest I was a little skeptical to give it a try but I’m soooo glad I did. From the instinct she saw my face she knew exactly what was wrong with my skin. I started the treatments April 2012, and today I can say my face hasn’t been this clear in years. She is amazing! I love how she gives you a specific regimen based on your skin type. She is always available to answer any questions you have regarding your skin. I have finally regained my self esteem. My skin feels great. I feel beautiful again. I’ve even received compliments from friends and family on how much my skin has improved. To anybody that is struggling with acne, you should definitely give her a try. I guarantee you will not regret it!

– N.S.

Hi Marie, I’m grateful that I found you. I have used several products throughout the years from the famous brands to prescriptions. Every time I used each product I was hoping each would be the one, the brand names claimed to do everything you wished only to fail. That is when I decided to go to a dermatologist; they prescribed some things that showed a little improvement but nothing major. The dermatologist was pushy with prescriptions and was adamant that that was the only way to clear my skin. Then I tried Retin-A which didn’t do much either, in fact I think it made my face worse. At this point they were pushing for more prescriptions which I read had dangerous side effects, that is when I had enough. I decided to go online and found Marie Claire, again I was skeptical because of my previous results. After reading all her reviews I decided to try her even though she was all the way across the country. I figured what else do I have to lose? I talked to her on the phone and gave her my diet and product regime, which my doctor didn’t even care to see. After sending her that info she came up with a plan for me. My diet had to change; I love cheese but had to cut it out of my diet. Also, some of my favorite makeup products had to be eliminated. After using Marie’s products for just a few weeks I have noticed a drastic change. My husband is happy he doesn’t have to hear me asking him if my products are working because my face is clear. Marie takes the time to check up on me and really stands behind her products. I wouldn’t be surprised if you see Marie on TV soon. I now wear less make up and am not self-conscious about my face.

– M.R.

Visage by Marie-Claire (VMC) is the only place I will ever go to for facials. I’ve had facials everywhere – dermatologist, spa, etc. None of them have taken the time to talk to me to work towards addressing my skin concerns like VMC. I’ve tried everything. In less than 6 months, she has cleared up acne that I’ve had since I was 13 years old. No joke.

– Stephanie C.

You are my skin Angel.

– Treysii Z.

Im so glad im a client. my face was looking like it had been a bump/hair war and both were winning. I was recommended by a friend to try Visage by Marie-Claire and all i can say in one session my face looked better than it did in my teens. she was thorough,never rushes,informative,passionate,sincere,knowledgeabl­e about what was wrong with my face and most of all gave me free samples of the products to use on my face did i say free? who does that most places reel you in with the low price then hit u on the head with the products,prices. i absolutely love her! my son told me the other morning mom you didnt take off your makeup from last nite? and i smiled and said “yes i did, this is my face with no make up on!” he almost cried. all i can say is THANK YOU THANK U THANK U!

– Hope F.

I am so glad to write a review not only for Marie-Claire but also for anyone who is looking for the right treatment for her/his skin! I have been trying many places and many products since I came in LA many years ago (from Dermalogica, Norman, to even my doctor’s prescription) and nothing worked. My skin would get better but after 1 month or 2 I would breakout again. I started with Marie-Claire in January 2012 and was amazed by the gradual results after every facial. I have a VERY sensitive skin so her ACNE BIBLE helped me tremendously by changing my habits and being aware of my environment in order to protect my skin. I loved the fact that I get a personal skin regiment and that she knows what she is talking about and is extremely specific. It is also a very relaxing spa in the heart of Beverly Hills. Finally I like that Marie-Claire gets in touch with me to hear how my skin adapts to the products. I can’t recommend her enough! I guess the best way is to try her, especially if you have been looking for something that would finally work for your skin.

– Farah C.

“Someone said to me last Thursday: “Your skin looks so beautiful” and I said “My esthetician would be so happy to hear you say that” and of course of told her “Thank you” and I told her all about you and what you have done for my face! Thank you so much Marie-Claire! :o)

– Nyesha J.

Marie is theeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ultimate best skin skin care specialist that I have ever been to! I am super duper picky and have been suffering acne for 8 years and is hereditary in my family. After going to her I can’t go anywhere else. She helped clear me up. Not only that but she is a beautiful and friendly person. She has an acne bible and will even guide you on what you should NOT eat. I am clear now, and my face is sooo smooth. Just listen to her and she will give you amaaazzzinnnng results :)

– Michelle A.

I have always had acne skin and large pores my whole life until I discovered Marie Claire. She uses both hand held infarred light and panel which most esthetician don’t provide when I request. She understands what level she is doing with the hydro facial according to my skin. Her work station is super clean , and for once my skin has cleared just after seeing her with 2 sessions! . Becuase of her my confidence has boosted. I used to pack on concealer when i go to work as a makeup artist. Now my clients ask me what foundation I m wearing and I can for once say just sun screen!!! She listens to your needs and wants. Spends time with you and make it as if it was my time in her room. I love her. Not just great service and products and results but what a beautiful caring person she is inside and out. I asked for what i can do with my brown spots through text she asked me for my address and sent a week worth of bleaching cream and now my spots are gone!

– Val C.

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